A Day at the Beach

April 16, 2014 in PERSONAL, TRAVEL by Iulia G.

Beach look

Limitless Horizon and Limitless Possibilities

cuban beach

Heaven on Earth – The Exotic Cuban Beach

girl on the beach

Life on the Beach

beach shoues 3

Feeling Every Moment

summer shoes2

Everything Comes and Goes

havana club

Havana Club – Message in a Bottle?

boy on the beach

Hidden Treasures – Childhood Memories

life is a beach

Traveling Coconuts

beach life

Nature Outfits

sea horse

Saving Lives

beach essentials

Beach Essentials – You Gotta Have It All


The Beauty of Freedom


A day at the beach always reminds me how life should be.

Since very young I have always dreamed about a cute little house on the beach. I love the sun, the warm sand, the salty water, the fresh smell of the ocean, the limitless view of the horizon… What’s not to love?!

This is why I wanted to share with you this beautiful day I spent with my love enjoying the exotic Cuban beach. We walked around, took silly photos, made big holes in the sand (for no apparent reason), gazed at pelicans, counted the coconuts washed up on the shore, found an amazingly camouflaged crab and saved the life of a seahorse. I had never seen a seahorse before, so I can’t explain how amazed and excited I was to see him moving his little tale and swim away into the ocean. All these little activities added up to an amazing day.

It is always so great to spend quality time with the loved ones and remember what really matters. Are these simple days that are the most meaningful and that will always stay in my heart.

I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!




Photos by me and Roland Arnassalon


Vintage Cars

April 11, 2014 in FASHION, TRAVEL by Iulia G.

vintige car 3

Vintage Cars are like pre-owned Chanel Bags, they are used but they will always be classy.

Vintage car - V W Beetle

VW Beetle Girl

vintage car and vintage bag

Cadillac Freedom

vintage car - Cadillac

Every soul deserves a shot at a Cadillac

vinatge car 2

Vintage Ford

Vintage Hat / Vintage Overall Dress / Vintage Bag / Call it Spring Shoes

If you are a vintage lover as I am, you will be completely blown away by the cars you see on Cuban streets. They are the first thing I mention when I tell people about this beautiful exotic country; that their cars are even more exotic than their beach. And I’m not even a car person! I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are great for taking you places, is just that new regular cars never really impress me, not even the fancy ones. But vintage cars….those I love!

Walking around in Cuba is like visiting a vintage car show; you see all kinds of types, models and colors. The best part of it all, is that you don’t have to limit yourself to admiring them, but you can enjoy taking a timeless ride for as low as 5$.

So if you plan to go to Cuba, don’t forget to bring your favorite vintage dress for a complete classic experience!



 Photos by Roland Arnassalon



Pink Skies and White Lace

March 28, 2014 in FASHION, PERSONAL by Iulia G.

summer dress beach dress white sumer dress straw hat

It’s still winter, but I dream of summer.

Today I decided to go through my folders and make some space for pics we shot our last days in Cuba. To my surprise, look what I found; these pink skies photos that I and my friend Zara shot in our last trip together. Considering the chilly weather outside, these photos made me feel all worm and fuzzy, and I wonder why I never shared them with you? As they say: better later, than never!

It has been almost 3 weeks since we got back from Cuba, and they were nothing like vacation. We got tons of work and bad weather. I can’t complain about work, since I am one of the lucky ones to love my job, but I definitely don’t love this crisp gloomy weather. I miss cotton candy skies, afternoon walks, pink sandals, summer dresses, late night ice cream, cocktails on the balcony, picnics with friends…

So I decided that if it’s not summer outside, I will make summer inside! I boosted the heat at max, turned on my humidifier, put on a summer dress and got a bucket of ice cream and a big bowl of edamame. (I have recently developed an intense addiction to these tiny green beans and now they are kind of my new popcorn.)

Lets do the best with what we have and keep positive!




Quote Of The Day

March 23, 2014 in PERSONAL by Iulia G.

 A quoate for a smile

A while back I was passing through a very hard time and I was feeling like things will never work out for me. Then, one day, I was browsing through my Facebook homepage and I saw a quote that changed everything. As easy as that! I know that some people might have a hard time believing that one quote would have that power, but it did. It changed my perspective, the way I was looking at life, and it therefore changed my life.

I believe that positive quotes and affirmations are important in leaving a positive, fulfilling and happy life. They help us remember what is important and they save us from being trapped in the everyday madness.

I thought that it would be great to keep positive together, reason why I created in my Facebook Page and my Pinterest (East 2 Style) a bright corner entitled   “A Quote for A Smile”. Here I will post daily minimum 1 quote or affirmation a day starting with the quote that changed my life:


The quote that changed my life!